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Basketball Break: Preseason Top 25 Polls

Top 25 polls in college basketball are relatively worthless in the middle of January, much less at the end of September. In a sport decided by a 65 team tournament, the best 25 teams according to media members is worth little more than bragging rights. And those mean little if your arguement is

"Yeah, well, our team is ranked 14th and yours is 22nd, meaning my team is better....I don't care that you beat us both times we played, we are obviously the better team; don't you trust the media? They do this for a freakin' living!!!".

God help us. Still, it is always fun to take a look at pundits' predictions. Where do we stand after Julian Wright? Well, right about where we deserve in my estimation.

Here is a cutsie-pie little table of all of the Top 10 ballots I could find:

Blue Ribbon Lindy's The Sports Flow
1 North Carolina UCLA North Carolina
2 UCLA North Carolina Memphis
3 Georgetown Tennessee Kansas
4 Tennessee Memphis Georgetown
5 Memphis Louisville UCLA
6 Michigan State Georgetown Louisville
7 Kansas Washington State Washington State
8 Louisville Kansas Tennessee
9 Indiana Michigan State Indiana
10 Marquette Indiana USC

Editor's Note: This table will be added to in the coming days; I just wanted to see what it looks like...

Some around-the-board answers thus far, but all pretty fair. North Carolina is clearly the most talented team, and after that it is really a free-for-all. UCLA is my #2 (right now) followed by Memphis then us at #4, but it is a very fluid one. As in, I just made it up as I was typing that...