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I need to think of a catchy, cutsie-pie name for this like Burnt Orange Nation's 'Morning Coffee'. Any ideas can go in the comment section; I'm trying anything for commenters. Hehe.

First up, and undoubtedly the most important albeit a fairly predictable one, the KU-KSU October 6th football game will be televised nationally (key word) on Fox Sports Net. Great news for yours truly, as it will be the first time I have seen a Jayhawk game all year. I have been subjected to Bob Davis' tremendous play-by-play thus far this season, and while it hasn't been too stressful thanks to 4 blowouts, the TV is always nice. This also means much better game recaps, film sessions, and all that jazz.

Second up, I just want to start a weekly feature here on RCT. Yes, I am copying this from Hawk Digest, although the idea is unoriginal enough for me to slide by. Hopefully. Anyways, basically I will announce the offensive and defensive player of the game every Tuesday in the JN. This week's picks:

OFFENSIVE POW: -- Todd Reesing. That's what 368 yards passing will do for you, despite his first INT of the season.

DEFENSIVE POW: -- Joe Mortensen. Even an easier pick, despite Aqib Talib's 100+ yard INT return for a TD. 13 tackles is about 4 too many to ignore, not to mention a forced fumble. He is the leader of this defense, Talib is just the flashy player we need to appeal to the MSM. Mangino knew all of this when he recruited both.

Looking ahead to our next game in Manhattan, history is on our side. In the long history of the somewhat storied KU-KSU football rivalry (OK, it isn't really storied at all, happy?), only 5 times has one team had a bye week to prepare. Those teams? 5-0. That includes our 39-20 manhandling of the 'Cats last year. Not to mention the 'Cats are taking on the Longhorns in Austin this week, so the slight chance of "looking ahead" to the Kansas contest just went out the window. Of course, there is also a downside. K-State won't take an 0-2 start, and odds are they will be coming back home from Austin 0-1 in conference play. We can only control what we can control though, and that is to go kick ass on October 6th.

Mangino and Co. are already preparing for KU-KSU, knowing its importance. And not its importance as a rivalry game either, but because it is game 1 of Big 12 play.

In the most recent Top 25 polls, the Jayhawks are moving up the list. No, we still don't get a pretty number next to our name, but we received 6 points in the AP poll (good enough for 33rd using point totals) and 20 in the Coaches' Poll (ranking us 30th, one spot ahead of Louisville). It will take a win in Manhattan to give us serious consideration for a Top 25 slot, but it is nice that at least some members of the national media are acknowledging how impressive the 'Hawks have played thus far. Last week we only received one point in the AP poll and zero in the Coaches', so we are definately moving up.

Blair Kerkhoff ranked the Big 12 teams, and we came in at 5th place. I'll take it. But the biggest mention is in the meat of the article, answering one of his "Two Questions":

Who has the second-best defense in the Big 12?

Oklahoma. Hey, the stats don't lie. Kansas leads the Big 12 (and nation) in scoring defense at 5.8 and tops the league in total defense (218.8 yards). The Sooners are second in both categories.

Hey there, cowboy. We have played two MAC teams, a 1-AA (sorry, FCS) team and a Sun Belt team. So of course we have put up great defensive numbers. Do I think we have the best defense in the North? Most likely, but OU's is better and Texas' is probably better too. But I am subject to change my opinion anytime.

One more thing. Over at Rivals, they do this thing where they have power rankings for each individual position. And number one at defensive back? Aqib Talib. Enjoy him one more year, Kansas fans, because the NFL will be calling his name after this year. I promise. You know who he reminds me of, just because of the CB-WR duality. Chris Gamble of tOSU from a couple of years back. It is clear both are more talented at corner, but both showed/are showing that they are pretty damn talented receivers too. I love me some Aqib Talib. Oh, and Ed Warriner is #19 at offensive coordinator. Despite being a relative no-namer, his offense is averaging 53.5 points a game. Look it up. I can't belive that Joe Mortensen is left off the list, but I'll get over it. Just wait for a 15 tackle performance in Manhattan, then they'll see.

That's it.

A little off topic, but did anyone see the Heroes season premiere last night? Good stuff, good stuff. On a somewhat related note (same network, it counts) is anyone watching The Office season premiere? Even better stuff, plus it's an hour.