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J'Mison Morgan Update

I lied. No game recap from Saturday's game tonight, but instead let's take a look at the world of basketball recruiting. No, we aren't done with the roller-coaster of the basketball recruiting world, with what is quite possibly the biggest possible prize of the 2008 class from our perspective.

J'Mison Morgan, a 6'11" center from Dallas South Oak Clliff High School, visited Kansas over the weekend. He was one of the 40,000+ in Memorial Stadium on Saturday, sitting next to Darrell Arthur. New reports coming out are stating that, while enjoying his two-day trip to Kansas, will not make a decision until November 2nd. Why November 2nd? That is J'Mison's birthday, a day in which he will hopefully choose the 'Hawks.

J'Mison is a tremendous player, one who can pass down low as well as posting up players and score. Darrell Arthur is likely gone, moving on to the NBA after this season, and J'Mison is his replacement.