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Game Recap: Toledo (1st Half : Offense)

Basically, I am going to go over every drive and, even though I didn't get to see the game, will discuss who "seemed" to do what well. They will get better once I can actually watch the game on TV, but what can you do.

Drive #1: 3 plays 2 yards (PUNT)

I like starting out by throwing the ball, but it is never fun to not be able to complete a short pass to the tight end. A really good run, on an obvious run down nonetheless, by Brandon McAnderson was wasted following a sack of Todd Reesing on 3rd-and-3. Keith Forestal made the sack, a LBer, meaning that it was a blitz in some form or fashion. Our offensive line has played great so far, but we still need to get better for Big 12 play.
Drive #2: 15 plays 81 yards (FG)

What a way to follow up a three-and-put, taking almost 8 minutes to drive down the field. Jake Sharp received some love on the drive, getting the ball 5 times and tallying 46 yards. Of course, being that he was so successful on the drive, they refused to give him the ball the last 5 plays, which included Reesing either running the ball (3 times, including a sack) or throwing it (1-2; 12 yard pass to Marcus Henry). It was ended by a short, gimme 25 yard field goal by Scott Webb to get us on the board.
Drive #3: 5 plays 22 yards (FUMBLE)

Well at least it makes sense. Oh, wait, it doesn't. Why, after Sharp averaged more than 9 yards a carry last drive, does he not see the ball once the next one with us instead choosing to hand the ball off to BMac three times before putting the drive in Reesing's hands. A Derek Fine fumble ended the drive, something that can't happen against Big 12 opponents. Turning the ball over doesn't win you games, just ask Herm Edwards.
Drive #4: 3 plays 92 yards (TD)

Finally, a TD occurred on the final play of the first quarter. And just barely too, as cornerback Aqib Talib made a tremendously acrobatic leap/dive/jump/fall into the endzone. All AT does is catch long TD's, otherwise he refuses to catch it; on play #1 of the drive the pass fell incomplete. A 19 yard completion to Marcus Henry seperated the two Talib-intended passes, the latter of which ended in the said acrobatic play.

I. Love. Aqib. Talib.
Drive #5: plays 61 yards (TD)

Two drives in a row, the 'Hawks put the ball in the end zone. Another quick drive, the way that Reesing and Co. seem to love moving the ball, capped off by a 42 yard bomb from Reesing to Marcus Henry. Still no Jake Sharp sighting, and BMac did get a carry (for 3 yards). Reesing had two incompletions to go along with his two completions, continuing to lower his completion percentage even while moving the ball and putting points on the board. Lots of hit and miss in this new offense run by Ed Warriner, something that is fine with me as long as we keep winning.
Drive #6: 9 plays 36 yards (DOWNS)

Finally, Sharp got back on the field. And shockingly, he took his 3 carries for 26 yards (averaging more than 8 yards a carry) and didn't see the ball again the rest of the drive. I am on the fringe of starting a campaign, although we might just be saving him to unleash on our Big 12 opponents. I love BMac as much as the next guy, but it is clear (in my opinion) that Sharp is in a different class. The drive stalled out on 4 straight incomplete passes coming from Reesing, thrice pressured by Greg Hay. Whoever is supposed to block Hay basically sucked this drive, so hopefully he (whoever he is) can improve his blocking.
Drive #7: 10 plays 49 yards (DOWNS)

Yay! Sharp for two drives in a row, I'm surprised they even thought he was capable. Another 3 carries for Jake, this time for 28 yards (9.3 yards a carry) yet he was ignored afterwards. Aqib Talib came back for this drive and caught a 4 yard pass, mixed in with a 17 yard completion to Marcus Henry. Of course, the other 5 balls to leave Reesing's hand fell to the ground alone, continuing to drop Reesing's completion percentage. He had far from a good game, although 313 yards and 4 TD's look awfully good.
Drive #8: 5 plays 60 yards (TD)

A nice way to end the half, essentially putting the game out of reach at 24-7. With only 1:12 left on the game clock, the running game was temporarily abandoned in favor of Reesing's favorite pastime, throwing the ball downfield. This time he only had one incompletion compared to 4 completions, including two passes to Dezmon Briscoe, notably a 26 yard TD that effectively ended both the half and the game.

That is all for now, later tonight I will take a look at how the defense played in the first half.