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Utter Domination: Kansas 52 Central Michigan 7

That, my friends, is how you open up a season.

On a day where Appalachian State upset #5 Michigan 34-32 and plenty of other BCS schools opening up their seasons with losses, it was great to have a nice, easy, never-close win.

Much more on the actual game and how everyone played tomorrow, but keep in mind two things. One, I was unable to either go to the game or watch the game on TV (there was no TV for the game) so my thoughts are purely based on statistics and what I interpreted from the oh-so eloquent words of Bob Davis. Yes, that is a scary thought, but it is what it is. Second, due to computer problems plus a 35-0 lead, I didn't follow the second half any more than ESPN's Gamecast told me. So, on my second half observations the Bob Davis-inspired eloquence will be missing, although I'm not sure if that is such a bad thing after-all.

Great win for the Jayhawks, especially the offense, and hopefully we can play that well all season long. An 8 win season seems much more likely tonight than it did this morning, that is for sure.

This is kind of how the whole game went; Kansas outright dominating Central Michigan.

More coming tomorrow, and I will cover all of the Big 12 action on Monday. Tuesday, a new week of college football is upon us and I will start previewing that. But for now, just bask in the glory of a 52-7 win over last season's MAC Champion.