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Pre-Game Chatter: What They're Saying

A new feature here at RCT, since today is the first football game to be covered here. Every Saturday morning, I will roundup as many write-ups on the game I can find and link you to all of them, so you are well prepared before watching and/or listening to the Jayhawks play some football.

--> First off, plenty of KU Sports links: KU Sports' Scouting Report on Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour.....Ryan Woods' take on CMU linebackers.....Keegan takes a look at the "gray areas".....Mayer claims we "must win this game".....

--> Some pressure being put on by Blair Kerkhoff, calling it a "must-win".....A quick rundown of gameday things, including the news that Hasselhorst is starting today. Fantastic news, we need all the depth we can get on the defensive line.....

--> Hawk Digest takes a look at Central Michigan. Not substantial, but you get all of the necessary information in a cute, little package.....Also over at Hawk Digest, a specific KU-CMU game preview.

--> For Scout subscribers, they have quite a preview of the game.

--> Again over at Scout, they predict every single MAC game, which includes KU-CMU. Their official pick is a CMU win, 34-31, not quite what I was expecting. I wouldn't be surprised with a close game at all, and losing is a distinct possiblity, but I don't think that we will lose this game. Call it cockiness if you want, but I am very confident.

That is all that is swarming around the internets right now regarding the KU-CMU matchup. No TV today, so I will be listening on the radio and watching some higher profile games on 'MUTE'.

5 HOURS TO GO!!!!!!