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T-Minus 18 Hours

The anticipation is starting to get to me, although there is still plenty of time between now and kickoff. After months of waiting, an actual Jayhawk football game is upon us. We will be taking on the Central Michigan Chippewas, last year's MAC champion. A MAC team has already taken down a Big 12 North team in this very short season, with Kent State flat-out beating Iowa State last night 23-14. And while we are a better team than Iowa State, this is far from a "gimme". But we've been over all of that before, at one time or another. Not a whole lot of new information coming out this close to kickoff, and while I haven't necessarily been focused on this game specifically, we have been talking college football for awhile here at RCT.

At the end of the day, this is merely one game of 12. And while this is a vitally important game to win for our bowl chances, a loss doesn't end the season, just remember that. There will be plenty of gameday action tomorrow, but for now just wait in anticipation for tomorrow's kickoff.

One last note; here was my first guess of how we would finish the year. 8-4 was my guess then, and it is the same now. Anything less will be a disappointment in my book, and if we fail to make a bowl Mangino's job security will be less than ideal. I will drop my prediction sometime tomorrow among the bounty of pre game and post game information to come here. SB Nation as a whole will be a happening place tomorrow, with all of the college sites having their seasons open. I will be surfing across the Nation, hopping from site to site to site, and I encourage you to do the same.

That's all, football is almost here!