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Season Preview: Quarterback

FINALLY! This season preview has been fun to do and informing for me, but it will be nice to finish because that means that actual FOOTBALL is approaching. Well, football already started today, but Jayhawk football starts on Saturday. And even though TV isn't an option for me, I will be listening to us take on the Chippewas. Anyways, lets finish out with the QB unit and move on to discussing the Chips.

Last Season
What was already widely accepted became even more of a fact to me after previewing the running backs. We had the 19th best running game in Division 1 last season, but only had an average passing game, ranking 60th out of 119 teams. Combine those two together and you get a 33rd overall ranked offense, and while that is respectable it relied solely on the well-worked legs of Jon Cornish. Kerry Meier played the most of all QB's last season, playing in 8 games (starting 7) with a 56.5 completion percentage. His problem resided in the turnover department, throwing 10 interceptions (compared to 13 TD's) and losing numerous fumbles. However, we played some musical chairs at the QB position, with both departed Adam Barmann and true sophomore Todd Reesing seeing significant playing time. Barmann replaced Meier for his injured shoulder, and while playing decent didn't inspire great confidence. So then, once Meier was healthy he came back in and started. However, with Meier struggling big-time at home vs. Colorado, short, little Todd Reesing came in to lead us from behind to victory. After Reesing's success he drew some following, and the QB carosuel continued, with Meier continuing to receive the most time.

Returning Players
Well, no one significant besides Meier and Reesing, the two fighting for the starting job. Well, at least fought, I hope there isn't more switching back and forth at the QB position this season. Technically, the returning backups to both Meier and Reesing will be Tyler Lawrence, a redshirt freshman.

Incoming Players
One in the 2007 recruiting class and another potential option in the class of 2008. A.J. Steward will be playing QB for sure at Kansas, at least this season, while 2008 recruit Sean Ransburg, a QB in high school, figures to move to another position. Steward will likely never be a full-time starter, but he serves as both injury insurance and as a possible future backup, although he has plenty to work on first.

2007 Quarterback Depth Chart
1) Todd Reesing, Soph.*
2) Kerry Meier, RS Soph.
3) Tyler Lawrence, RS Fresh.
4) A.J. Steward, Fresh.

2008 Quarterback Depth Chart
1) Todd Reesing, Jr.*
2) Kerry Meier, RS Jr.
3) Tyler Lawrence, RS Soph.
4) A.J. Steward, Soph.

Next Up: RECAP!

I will post links to all of my season previews in a short post tomorrow, and then breakdown the Central Michigan Chippewas.