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Big 12 Predictions: Round One

The common thing to do as a school-specific blogger is to take your team's conference, and predict winners for everyone in said conference weekly. Because I am all about becoming one of the "in-crowd", I decided I would start this week predicting the weekly outcomes of all Big 12 teams. I know that Iowa State - Kent State is already happening (football has returned, what a glorious thing...) trust me, I have no knowledge of any score or anything of the sort.

Colorado V. Colorado State -- This is a tough one. Colorado really struggled last season, and I'm not so sure that Dan Hawkins and his son Cody (who will be their QB) will be too much better this season. However, the Rams aren't any great shakes either so I will go the safe way and take Colorado.

Kent State V. IOWA STATE -- I have an iffy feeling on this one. Kent State is widely regarded as the MAC North favorite, and even though Iowa State is at the bottom of the Big 12 it is still a Big 12 school versus a MAC school. I will go upset and take the Kent State Golden Flashes, getting Gene Chizik's tenure off to a rocky start.

Central Michigan V. KANSAS -- Just wait for tomorrow...

Kansas State V. AUBURN -- Despite being dubbed for a primetime slot on ESPN2, this game figures to be a blowout. Auburn is a high-quality team this season, and while Ron Prince has the Wildcats in the right direction they aren't a Top 15 team. Yet. I'll go the safe way and take Auburn.

Illinois V. Missouri -- I have an admission to make. Besides the Jayhawks, Illinois might be my favorite team in Division 1. I am oddly infatuated with Juice Williams, and teaming him up with incoming recruit Arrelious Benn will be dangerous. Of course, Missouri and Chase Daniels are still far too talented for Illinois to win this game, although I think it Missouri will win by less than 7 points.

Nevada V. NEBRASKA -- Nebraska faces a beast of an off-conference schedule, but a visit from the Wolfpack isn't a big reason why. Sam Keller will have a tremendous debut, 300+ yards and 3 TD's, and Nebraska rolls. Rolls.

Baylor V. TCU -- This is the only game where the Big 12 team is the underdog, and this game doesn't figure to be close. At all. TCU is a high-quality football team, led by one of the best defense in the country (probably the most underrated). TCU will give Texas a run for their money next week, so a quick tune-up with the Baylor Bears figures to be no problem.

North Texas V. OKLAHOMA -- Do we really have to go over this one? Boomer Sooner will win by something like a bajillion points, it won't be close after the first 3 minutes. And that is without a quarterback...

Oklahoma State V. GEORGIA -- Now here is a game I will be watching. This has the potential to be the game of the weekend in all of college football, with an underrated Okie State team taking Georgia in Athens. I have confidence in Georgia this season, but I will pick my second upset and say Okie State upsets the Bulldogs in Athens.

Arkansas State V. TEXAS -- This will be even more of a blowout than the Oklahoma game. Texas will roll big time, although they better bring their "A" game next week against the Horned Frogs. Yea, I'm pretty excited about that game...

Montana State V. TEXAS A&M -- Yet another romp. What's up 2/3 of the South scheduling cupcakes?

Texas Tech V. Southern Methodist -- I'm not sure if this counts as a cupcake or not, but I guarantee someone scores 50+ points. Because if SMU is going to beat Mike Leach and Graham Harrell and that crazy offense, that will be because they will outscore them, not halt their offense. I think the Red Raiders will win, although it won't be as bad as some of the other South's games.

I'll keep a running tally of how many games I can get right, hopefully I can do pretty good. We'll recap on Monday every week, along with recapping some of the more interesting games.