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Friday Recruiting Update

I have been behind regarding recruiting as of late, this will act as a catch-up update.

First off, Olek Czyz has decided to cut Kansas off of his list. Olek has previously gone unmentioned here at Rock Chalk Talk, mostly because he projects to be little more than a bench player. He himself admits to having to work on "offense and dribbling". If you have to work on those 2 things, Kansas isn't a good destination. His high school basketball coach is Pete Padgett. The dad of former Jayhawk David Padgett, the player most upset by Roy Williams' decision to head home to North Carolina. Pete no doubt had some less-than-kind things to say about Kansas, and I doubt it is a coincidence that Louisville remains on the final list (along with Florida and Duke) because of the fact that David Padgett is currently playing for Coach Pitino. Let's just say I am glad that Olek decided to stay away from Kansas, it just wasn't meant to be.

Kansas City Pump-N-Run is quickly becoming Bill Self's basketball factory. After receiving a committment from two of its players in our upcoming class in Tyrel Reed and Connor Teahan, we have since received one from teammate Traves Releford. Now, another member of the team is drawing interest from Bill Self. That would be Marcus Denmon, a 6'1" shooting guard in the class of 2008. He doesn't figure to project to be more than a reserve guard (think Brady Morningstar) but it would add to the Pump-N-Run/Bill Self connection and that is always fun. Plus, he led his team to a comeback victory the other night. That has to count for something, doesn't it?

That is all for now, the safety review should be coming up tomorrow afternoon.