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Big 12 Roundtable: Round 2 (The Face of the Team)

This week we are focusing on the "face of the team", which can only be accomplished after considering the team to be a body. I'm sorry, I'll try to leave anatomy out of the entire discussion...

Pick one current player to be the "Face of the Franchise" for your team. You can only select one player so tell us why you selected the person that you did.

Easy. Aqib Talib. The only player on our team that casual fans can name, even though he might be a touch overrated. I think that James McClinton might be a better player, but he doesn't have near the name recognition.

Tell us what makes your team's stadium great, traditions, facilities, etc...

Ummmm. Our stadium is far from anything special, although I have only been there a handful of times, and none of our facilities (at least football facilities) are anything to write home about. The "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" chant is always a good one, but again that is more associated with the basketball team. I guess the answer would be nothing, but if you ask me about Allen Fieldhouse...

Hypothetical - Your team has to vacate their current stadium and play a game in another Big 12 stadium which one would you pick for them to play in and why?

To me, there are only two possibilities. Texas A&M's Kyle Field and Nebraska's Memorial Stadium. They are the loudest atmospheres in the Big 12, and I love me some loud noise. That is what happens when you grow up going to games in Arrowhead Stadium.

Unthinkable - Take your team's biggest rival's head coach and make a case as to why he would be a good fit on your sideline.

I'm not sure who would count, Gary Pinkel or Ron Prince. I'll go with Pinkel, because I hate Muzzurrah more. Umm, Pinkel could do wonders with our offense. Kerry Meier would fit his style, and although we don't have the playmakers on the outside I would imagine we would shoot up the rankings. However, he would still struggle with common sense and be a good quote for all the wrong reasons. Plus, he isn't capable of digesting other coaches, so I think I'll stick with Mangino.

Prediction Time
Tell us who is going to win;

Baylor @ TCU -- TCU
Colorado State @ Colorado -- Colorado
Kent State @ Iowa State -- Iowa State
Central Michigan @ Kansas -- Kansas
Kansas State @ Auburn -- Auburn
Missouri/Illinois -- Muzzurrah
Nevada @ Nebraska -- Nebraska
North Texas @ Oklahoma -- Oklahoma
Oklahoma State @ Georgia -- Georgia (but it'll be close...)
Arkansas State @ Texas -- Texas
Montana State @ Texas A&M -- Texas A&M
Texas Tech @ SMU -- Texas Tech

There are more good games here than I thought. A&M, Tech, Iowa State, Oklahoma and Texas all figure to roll, but the other teams figure to at least put up a fight. TCU should beat Baylor fairly handily, same with Auburn against K-State. I should have more on each game later on this week...