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Season Preview: Offensive Line

Even though the offensive line is comprised of numerous different positions and responsibilities, why not clump them all together? I will be doing 3 different depth charts at the end though...

Last Season
How do you judge an offensive line? I would assume by yards per game? If so, our senior-laden line deserves some props for paving the way for the 33rd most offensive yards per game in Division 1. However, no matter how good that line was, much of it graduated from Kansas. The interior 3 all ran out of eligibility after last season, with the loss of center David Ochoa hitting especially hard. The tackles, redshirt seniorCesar Rodriguez and redshirt junior Anthony Collins, are returning but are switching places (Collins to LT and Rodriguez to RT) meaning every single position will have a new body occupying it. Last year's starting guards, Bob Whitaker and Travis Dambach, will both be missed as well.

Returning Players
Besides the two starters that returned, we are also obviously bringing in their replacements. Ryan Cantrell, a redshirt junior, is taking over at center for David Ochoa, but he is the only surefire starter returning. One guard position will likely be given to Adrian Mayes, although he could face competition from Rameses Arceo, a senior, and Matt Darton, a redshirt junior. Arceo can also play some tackle in a pinch. Some other players returning who figure to receive less playing time include redshirt senior Marcus Anderson and redshirt sophomore (and brother of Cesar0 Jose Rodriguez.

Incoming Players
Too many to count. I won't go through all of the walk-ons, but we are receiving some big help in the form of JUCO transfers Chet Harley and Jason Hind. Harley figures to start at a guard position and Hind will likely be a top backup. We also picked up some high school recruits as long term replacements in Jeff Spikes and Jeremiah Hatch. Hatch was especially liked by Rivals and could start at guard as soon as next year in my opinion.

2007 Offensive Tackle Depth Chart
1) Anthony Collins, RS Jr.*
2) Cesar Rodriguez, RS Sr.*
3) Rameses Arceo, Sr.
4) Marcus Anderson, RS Sr.

2008 Offensive Tackle Depth Chart
1) Anthony Collins, RS Sr.*
2) Matt Darton, RS Sr.*
3) Jose Rodriguez, RS Jr.
4) Jeff Spikes, RS Fresh./Soph.

2007 Offensive Guard Depth Chart
1) Chet Harley, Jr.*
2) Adrian Hayes, RS Jr.
3) Rameses Arceo, Sr.
4) Matt Darton, RS Jr.
5) Jason Hind, Soph.

2008 Offensive Guard Depth Chart
1) Chet Harley, Sr.*
2) Adrian Hayes, RS Sr.*
3) Jeremiah Hatch, RS Fresh./Soph.
4) Jason Hind, Jr.

2007 Center Depth Chart
1) Ryan Cantrell, RS Jr.*
2) Jeremiah Hatch, Fresh.

2008 Center Depth Chart
1) Ryan Cantrell, RS Sr.*
2) Jeremiah Hatch, Soph.

Next Up: Runningbacks