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Season Preview: Wide Receiver

Finally, the offensive preview starts. Sorry for the delay, I will have to pound these out at a quick pace. True story.

Last Season
Middle of the road describes last season's passing attack, as we ranked 60th in the NCAA. Our receiving game was led by Brian Murph (43 catches, 10.9 AVG, 3 TD) and Dexton Fields (45 catches, 10.5 AVG, 5 TD), who is DA's cousin. The rest of the statistical output in the receiving game can be found here. Murph is gone, but Dexton Fields is returning along with just about everyone else save Jonathan Lamb.

Returning Players
Besides the aformentioned leader of the corps, Dexton Fields, we are also returning Marcus Henry, last year's starter, Marcus Herford and Jeff Foster. Fields and Henry figure to start, with Foster and Herford the first options off of the bench. We are also returning Micah Brown, Raimond Pendleton and a couple of redshirters are also returning, although none of them caught a single pass last season.

Incoming Players
Plenty of help is coming in the wide receiver corps, namely prized recruits Ryan Murphy and Dezmon Briscoe. Other incoming wide outs include Chris Harris, Rell Lewis (a walk-on), Eric Tyler (a walk-on) and Johnathan Wilson. Despite all of the influx of talent coming in, wide receiver is a difficult position to learn quickly. Murphy and Briscoe will be major impact players in the future, and might see some action this season, but that PT will be limited.

2007 WR Depth Chart
1) Dexton Fields, RS Jr.*
2) Marcus Henry, Sr. *
3) Marcus Herford, RS Jr.
4) Brian Murphy, Fresh.
5) Jeff Foster, Sr.

2008 WR Depth Chart
1) Dexton Fields, RS Sr.*
2) Marcus Herford, RS Sr.*
3) Brian Murphy, Soph.
4) Dezmon Briscoe, RS Fresh/Soph.
5) Johnathan Wilson, RS Fresh/Soph.

Overall, I think our receiving game will be improved this season. Murphy will be an impact player at times, and Henry, Herford and Fields will all improve on last year's numbers.

Next Up: Tight Ends