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J'Mison Morgan Has His Own List

Lists, lists, lists. Apparently, creating lists is the most popular thing to do if you are a prized high school recruit, especially if you are being recruited by at least a couple of the powerhouse programs. While much of the recruiting news on RCT has dealt with the roller coaster recruitment of Willie Warren, it is nice to follow the recruitment of a kid as nice as J'Mison is. Of course, j'Mison has still created a list of schools he is considering, although his list consists of only 6 schools, compared to Willie Warren's 8.

The schools on J'Mison's list are Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, UCLA, LSU or Louisville. I am really hating the fact that Billy Gillespie is recruiting seemingly everybody we do. I doubt Billy ever sleeps, and he only eats while taking a recruit out and talking to him. True story. So, it is never encouraging knowing that we are going up against him, unless of course it is a game. (uh-huh, you heard that right...)

Going back to Morgan, here is what he had to say reagrding Kansas:

"Kansas is pretty high on my list," Morgan said. "It's all just all open right now. I kind of lean toward Kansas because of Darrell Arthur.

He went on to say that DA isn't the only reason he wants to come to Lawrence, acknowledging that Arthur will likely be cashing in some $$$ from the NBA this time next year.

I have said before that I really, really like J'Mison as a player, he might be #1 on my list of who we can reasonably expect to have sign with us. Especially considering we are losing our 3 best post players after this season in all likelihood (Sasha and Djack are seniors and DA is going to be a lottery pick), we could really use another big man. At least one, hopefully two or even 3.