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JN: Catchup Edition

Sorry for getting behind yet again. I haven't been too hot of a blogger as of late, but that should change with football season just a little over two weeks away. Again, I'm sorry and hopefully I can be more active in the near future.

Old news, I know, but worthwhile all the same. Blair Kerkhoff, he of Kansas City Star fame, has ranked the Big 12 teams position-by-position. The Jayhawks didn't fare all that well, although there really isnt a position where we are clearly underrated. True story. Here are our rankings:

Quarterback - 9th
Runningback - 10th
Wide Receivers/Tight Ends - 9th
Offensive Line - 10th
Defensive Line - 8th
Linebackers - 5th
Secondary - 6th
Special Teams - 5th

The real news of the last week was the first public statement regarding the QB situation coming out of Mark Mangino's mouth. His statement? That Todd Reesing is the favorite to start out the season as the starter. This comes as a surprise to me, because while all along there was no clear favorite I had always assumed that the more experienced and (arguably) the more talented Kerry Meier would be the guy standing at the end of the day. However, Mangino apparently prefers the spunky Reesing although a final decision is yet to be deterrmined. Here is what Mangino said regarding the situation:

Reesing "understands the offense very well," Mangino said. "He's thrown the ball very well. Give him time, and he's going to get the ball where it needs to be. He's poised, and he's doing the things that we need the quarterback to do in this offense."

The art of flip-flopping is becoming more and more popular amongst recruits, in both college basketball and football. Just yesterday Arkansas WR Andrew Norman had enrolled in fall classes with the intent of becoming a Jayhawk, but he is now reneging those words. Norman was one of of 4 players from the same High School class to commit to Arkansas, headlined by former Razorback QB Mitch Mustain. However, whiny parents complaining about playing time decided they weren't so sure they made the right decision attending the home state school, prompting both Mustain and WR Damian Williams to attend U$C. Frankly, I'm happy he has decided to stay with the Razorbacks. Between originally complaining about playing time (although I'm not sure if it was his parents who complained or not) and now flip-flopping regarding his decision to leave Arkansas, he screams "whiner". I wish him the best in his time at Arkansas, but glad we stayed away (whether we wanted to or not).

Over at KU Sports there is an article discussing freshman WR Desmon Briscoe and his possibility for PT this year.

Besides that, KU Sports has apparently made this 'Anthony Collins Day', having both the front page article and Keegan's piece centered around Anthony Collins and his 'love for basketball'. Here is the front page story, written by Andrew Hartsock, compared to this one written by Tom Keegan. I'll let you decide for yourself which one was better.

In our last stop on the KU Sports tour, ex-Jayhawk Michael Lee has been added to the Kansas staff. He figures to have minor roles, but is another body that can be thrown out there during practice while he works on his master's degree which should help him accomplish his dream to be a head coach at some level. He had this prize quote, making everyone involved with the Jayhawks have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside:

"Honestly, I really do feel good to be back," Lee said. "It's funny because when I left I said I never would come back to school, but the longer I was away, I realized Kansas is a part of me. I was in love with Kansas from day one. I'll be part of Kansas until the day I die.

I especially love the bolded part at the end.

And with that we will cut JN off, although the linebackers should be broken down tomorrow along with either the defensive ends or the defensive tackles.