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Not necessarily concerning our own Kansas Jayhawks, but the Fanhouse has listed the 10 dirtiest programs in college football. Four of them are in the Big 12 South. While Texas and Baylor go unmentioned and mantain some dignity, but the other 4 schools (Oklahoma, Okie State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M) have been stamped with a black spot. Of course, Texas could debatedly be added to that list thanks to their long list of arrests, granted they have stayed out of the NCAA's doghouse.

Also at the Fanhouse, there is a preview of the "Big 12 dregs". What's a dreg, you might ask. Well, according to the ever-useful we are told that a dreg is "the least valuable part of anything". Yuck. I'm not a big fan of being described as a dreg, but I suppose it is a worth distinction thanks to our recent struggles. However, I think they are taking the past too much into account in their assessment that we will "flirt with a bowl game". I, of course, will go more in-depth on our season-to-be in the coming weeks but I am viewing a bowl game as a near-certainty with an outside chance of winning the Big 12 North. More than likely the final result will have reached a happy medium between the 5 win prediction of the Fanhouse and the 9 win prediction of my optimistic fanhood.

We will discuss Jake Sharp and the running back situation soon enough (hopefully), but Andrew Hartsock of KU Sports took the initative and discussed the 'loner' Sharp. I am looking forward to see how Sharp handles being the starter, although he figures to split plenty of time with both Brandon McAnderson and Angus Quigley. Speaking of...

Angus Quigley, despite graduating from High School in the spring of 2005, has yet to take the field in a Kansas uniform. Well, during a game that is. After redshirting 2005 and injuring his thigh in preseason practice last year, he is excited to see action as Jake Sharp's backup this season. I think he will make a big impact on this season's outcome, without a running back that can carry the ball 30+ times a game (Jon Cornish) we will have to split up the carries. That means that Angus will have plenty of field time to make up for the last two 'lost' years, and what he does with that time could be a dictating factor.

Rounding out my linking to every article KU Sports throws out there, there is finally some discussion over the Ressing V. Meier quarterback battle. I still think that Meier will come away with the starting job, no matter how good Reesing looks throughout fall practice. The fact remains that Meier has more talent and more experience, and if we really want to make a run at the Big 12 North title Kerry is the guy to take us there. Mark it down: Kerry Meier will start the game against Central Michigan on September 1st.

That is all for now, I should get to previewing the cornerbacks later on tonight.