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Do We Really Want Willie Warren?

I have lived through the random committments, the most recent one to Baylor, and having it taken back by his mother. Still, I remained interested in WW, confident that he would be able to perform on the court with little off-court trouble. However, a recent article in the Lexington Herald-Leader gives way to selfishness and a me-first attitude, an attitude that is unwelcome at nearly all powerhouse programs, Kansas and Kentucky included. Here is an example:

"I want to get in and make an immediate impact," Warren said. "I don't want to go to a school where if I don't play well right away, I can be substituted for."

So, let me get this straight. You are assuming you start right away, and are already anticipating a possible slow start. That isn't a good combination, although it might be tolerated at a school like Baylor with a goal of reaching the NCAA Tournament in mind, not the National Championship. However, at Kansas, Kentucky and Louisville there is a goal of winning a National Championship. Every year. Some whiny kid from Texas wanting playing time isn't going to force National Championship aspirations to go on the back burner, WW's feelings will go back instead. And if he isn't at the forefront of attention, I get the feeling he would be prone to run his mouth and start some problems. Frankly, few players (if any) are worth the off-field trouble he might require, leading me to believe that we might be better off WW-less.

Would I still welcome him if he commits here? Sure, I trust Self to make a decision about his possible future blowups. But would I be surprised if he commits somewhere else, in search of a guaranteed year-long starting job, and causes problems all year long? Not one bit. And lastly, reports say that WW is a one-and-done player. I'm not a fan of one-and-done players, which is almost a bigger turnoff for me than his desire for a guaranteed starting job.  

We are starting to run out of prospects, at least those who are seriously considering coming to Lawrence, so Self will have to pick up the pace. I think we will pick up a commitment in another week or so, my money is on picking up Terrance Henry. Just a guess though, just a guess.