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Jayhawk Nation

Haven't done one of these for awhile and even though the calendar still reads 'July', plenty of Jayhawk-related news/faux news surfing around the internet.

One way to be certain to draw controversey is make lists. Lists of something as fluid as college football players, who can change from being a superstar to a backup in a short year. Well, Sporting News' Tom Deinhart did just that in naming the 40 best players in the Big 12. Two Jayhawks appeared on the list, Aqib Talib clocked in at #5 and OT Anthony Collins at #39. Not a bad turnout, although most consider the list to be a "horrible list." For what it's worth.

In another story of MSM attention, ESPN came out with a list of the top 10 worst schedules in all of college footbal. The Jayhawks not-so-surprisingly are picked as the worst of the worst, an "accomplishment" that Mangino can't be too proud of. It doesn't shock me that we have the worst, the games against SE Louisiana, Toledo and Florida International are all more than gimmes. Still, the opener against the Central Michigan Chippewas can't be undervalued, they are a solid team and it will take a fight for us to win that game. However, in the area of no control (for Mangino) we avoid the Big Two (Texas and Oklahoma) as well as the ever-dangerous Texas Tech and the toughest game we do have to play is at home (Nebraska). There is a great discussion over on the (free) Scout boards, a good read. I personally have no problem with scheduling the cream puffs as we are trying to become a serious contender year-after-year, but it is also imperative we win at least 8 games and make a decent bowl game. We should win all four non conference games, which means if we just split our conference games we will win 8. If Marky can't win at least 8, I would be worried for our future success.

Focusing back on the real Kansas sport, basketball, two future Jayhawks (Tyrel Reed and Cole Aldrich) are both in the U19 games. DA was also supposed to be playing, before he tragically broke his leg. Fellow SB Nation blog Double T Nation has a tremendous recap of the game, a game in which he attended. Here are his notes on Aldrich and Reed:

Tyrel Reed, G, 6-5, Kansas: Was the best shooter on Team AA, has a nice pull-up jumper and physically reminds me of Kirk Hinrich. Played point guard for a large chunk of the 1st half. Didn't display the ability to create off the dribble like Hinrich does, but can handle the ball well and has an excellent 3-point shot. He's going to be a very nice player for the Jayhawks. Also, has some hops and can get to the rim, even in traffic.
Cole Aldrich, F, 6-10, Kansas: Is a very athletic big man, and shows some good offensive moves, but needs to be a little more refined offensively. In other words, he has really good ideas on the court, but still has a little trouble in the execution. He's got a good feel for the game. He was in foul trouble for most of the game and was whistled early for swinging his elbows. I definitely think the refs got to him. Aldrich is going to be really good, but playing against Argentina just didn't suit him, as he had trouble getting back to his man on the defensive end who, as most foreign players can, able to make his 3-point shot.

Definately good news, especially regarding Reed. If Tyrel can just play half as well as Hinrich did I would be happy, but he will need some work.

I commented yesterday on how we are at a disadvantage in the world of recruiting because of Self's "hate" for recruiting and Gillespie's "love" for it. Well, thanks to A Sea of Blue I have found another article that makes it evident who is a better recruiter. Even though Gillespie still refers to Self as "Coach", it is clear that he has advanced past in terms of recruiting. Self's family and Gillespie's lack of one no doubt has an impact, but it is still unsettling to be at a disadvantage in terms of recruiting.

That is all of the Jayhawk news as of right now, I should be back later today/tomorrow breaking down Southeastern's offense.