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Bill Self "hates" Recruiting; Recruiting List

I know I just went over all of our recruits yesterday and I am behind covering Southeastern Louisiana. I know this, yet I am enthralled with covering the recruiting trail and want to respond to an article by Gary Bedore. Not Bedore necessarily, but moreso the commenters who are vying for a killer recruiting class of Warren, Monroe and Zeller. That 'aint gonna happen, and the sooner we realize that we will be much happier with the end results. However, one thing that Bill Self said, and Gary Bedore wrote, really caught my attention while reading the article.

"Personally, for me, recruiting ... it's never been fun. I don't know if there are a lot of college coaches who would say recruiting is fun," said Self

I'll give you one Coach, Billy Clyde Gillespie. You think that is why we are getting consistently beat on recruits? After losing Legion and Liggins to the Wildcats, this quote makes me uneasy knowing that we are still competing with Kentucky on a number of key recruits, namely Willie Warren. Gillespie "loves" recruiting, so he is out there more and more excited during his time out there. Self, who says "[recruiting] is never fun", won't be out there as much and even when he is, he won't be excited and ready for the task as much as Gillespie.

OK, now that I've put a damper on your hopes of having the #1 class, let's do some more dampering. Bedore is kind of enough to list the prospects that we are recruiting, most of which have already been discussed here. Here is my list of preference, starting with my favorite and ending with my least favorite. We will likely have 7 scholarships to give out, so essentially if I had my way the first 6 would be Jayhawks (Releford already commited, remember?).

  1. G Willie Warren
  2. C J'Mison Morgan
  3. PF Michael Dunigan
  4. F Terrance Henry
  5. PF Greg Monroe
  6. C Tyler Zeller
  7. G Rotnei Clarke
  8. G Philip McDonald
  9. G Darius Miller
  10. G Andrew Steele
  11. G Iman Shumpert
  12. F Clarence Trent
  13. G/F Scott Suggs
  14. G Verdell Jones
  15. F Murphy Holloway
  16. F Troy Gillenwater
  17. G London Giles
  18. F Justin Brownlee
  19. F Jeff Taylor
  20. F Quintrell Thomas
I have to admit, for #'s 13-20 I know practically nothing about. I kind of just put names in a hat and drew, but they won't receive scholarship offers unless our top targets go elsewhere so we will have plenty of time to take a look at them. Also, #'s 7-11 are all very fluid and could change any day, they are all G's and could all end up being the better player so my ranking is solely my personal preference.

What is your list? Go and make a FREE (!!)account and leave a comment.