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JN: Big 12 Blogger Awards

In an effort to outdo the Media's (yes, the capital "M" is necessary to convey their importance in the world) work, Big 12 bloggers representing just about every school got together to put together some Preseason Predictions and such. Kansas, as expected, received little love although they were selected to finish 4th in the North, just like in the Media's edition. Aqib Talib did receive 5 first place votes as DPOY (one of them from yours truly) which tied him with Reggie Smith. I will go over my personal selections at a later date, but for now make sure and head over the tally.

On a less positive note, Wake Forest Head Basketball Coach Skip Prosser passed away this morning after collapsing while jogging around the WF campus. I hope for the best for both his family and the university, and would like to take this opportunity to send my deepest condolonces to both the Prosser family and the Wake Forest Men's Basketball family.

Over at Sunday Morning Quarterback, one of the best reads out there on the internet about college football if not THE best is currently in a week devoted solely to to the Big 12. Or Big Twelve Week. Today's piece discusses the Muzzurrah Tigers and their chances at taking the North, a distinct possibility. I, however, tend to believe that the Blackshirts up in Lincoln will take home the division crown, although reason for dissent is reasonable.  

Gary Bedore is keeping us updated regarding the recruiting situation, more specifically the list-trimming of RCT favorite J'Mison Morgan as well as Philip McDonald and Olek Czyz. Then, tucked away at the end of the article, is a quote from Willie Warren expressing his desire to play a "run-and-gun style" to "prepare him for the league". I'm sorry, since when does Jeff Capel and Boomer Sooner play a "run-and-gun style"? The Billy Tubbs era? I only saw limited  bits of action of Boomer Sooner last season, but nearly every minute of it was a half-court style, making WW seem more than misinformed.

In a more distant future, the recruiting class of 2009, Xavier Henry is discussed in another article on KU Sports. Xavier Henry is a difference maker, and while he is likely a one-and-done kinda guy I would still love to have him for that one year. Yet another WW mention in this article by Bedore, and again it sparks an interesting debate. While I am leaning towards staying away from him, I am not/wouldn't be actively opposed to have him play for us. I think that Self can keep up under wraps for a year or two (max), and by then he will be in "the league" anyways.

Ryan Wood has a tremendously funny article discussing, amongst other topics, Kerry Meier's mugshot. Seriously. It is a pretty funny one too, a keeper, one that will definately appear on this blog at some time or another. Likely sooner rather than later...

That is it for now, original content is coming soon. Trust me.