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JN: Harry Potter Edition

However, others surrounding the blogosphere and MSM (mainstream media) have something to talk about. Well, actually I should have a piece coming out tonight but for now, let's just focus on others' opinions.

First off, one of the best works you will read all year is a must read. That would be the respectful criticism of ESPN put forth by T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports. Honestly, if there is one thing you will read all day make it that, it is well worth the time to read the "thorough" work by Kyle.

No, I haven't read Harry Potter 7 (yet). If you have, I don't wanna hear about it. That's all.

Just mere days after Willie Warren released a list, his high school buddy Rotnei Clarke has done the same. However, the trivial qualities of WW's are expanded in Rotnei's, there is no ranking of schools and he raises the amount from 8 to 10. Out of the 10, I would say there are truly only 3 finalists. Kentucky, Oklahoma and Kansas, most likely in that order.

293,400 fans visited the Fieldhouse last year. We played 18 home games, which means that a full capacity crowd showed up each and every regular season game. Every single one. That ranked us 12th in the country and first in the Big 12, although it is really better than it appears. We sold out every single game, and if we were in a bigger facility we would fill that one up too (within reason).

The Kansas Jayhawks will go wherever Aqib Talib takes us. Well, maybe not but he is quite possibly the most talented Jayhawk and will make a big difference in how successful we will be. Especially if he follows through on his prediction to win the Thorpe Award. Oh, and Mark Mangino talked to the press too at Big 12 Media Day in San Antonio. Another good article, make sure and read both KC Star showings of affection to the Kansas football program.

That is all I have for now, hopefully I can get some original content up sooner rather than later.