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Brandon Rush Hurt His Knee. Bad.

Of course, that is old news to anyone who follows college basketball. However, he has now announced a decently accurate return date, December 1st. Of course, he is giving it a big, fat cushion on both sides essentially saying it could be as early as November 1st, or as late as New Years' Day.

Now time to state the obvious, the sooner the better. I think that Brandon will make a big step in his development as a player this upcoming season, but he can only do that if he is healthy once conference play roles around. I'm talking 100% too, not just being able to participate in a productive manner.

Good to see he is doing well, good to see he is anxious to get back on the court. Also good to see he supports Tyrell Reed, because Reed will probably be taking plenty of his PT early on in the season. Oh, and one more thing. He isn't coming back for his senior season. Gu-ran-teed. He is already regeretting having to attend classes this year, but he is doing it because it is necessary thanks to his torn ACL. So unless another catostrophic injury occurs, he will be leaving for good. I just hope we get to see him play up to his potential one more time in Allen Fieldhouse, I would hate to remember him limping around.

But I am confident, as should you be. Why? Because he feels like he should already living the life of an NBA star, and intends on getting there. And you can't get there with a gimpy knee.