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Willie Warren Has Made a Recruiting List

In a somewhat unprecedented move, Willie Warren has not only released a list of 8 schools he is considering, but ranked them in order. And lo and behold, there is controversey between WW and his mama. At least this time it doesn't involve a his cell phone being taken away (free signup required). Still, WW and his mom differed on where he will continue his studies, the majority of which will be on the basketball court. Both him and his mom had Boomer Sooner #1 on the list, with WW listing Texas at #2 and Kansas at #3. His mom likes Kansas a little more than Tayjas, switching them around and having the Jayhawks at #2. In any case, I would bet he will be an one-and-done start at Boomer Sooner. He would be more than guranteed a starting job, most likely hook up with his buddy Rotnei Clarke who is an Oklahoma resident and be the Big Man on Campus. These are all things that an arrogant, talented 18 year old kid feels he "deserves". I understand, stereotyping is a bad thing but as they always say, 'There is a reason for stereotypes.'

Whether we will get him or not could end up proving to be a moot point to plenty of Jayhawk fans. If you take a glance at the comments in the KU Sports article, there is a mixed bag of jumbled emotions expressed. Some are declaring him "trouble" and saying we should stay away. However, just as many take a look at how talented he is and want him to come to Kansas, even if it is only for a year or two. I want this kid to wear Crimson and Blue. Really bad. But still, he just smells like bad news to me so I wouldn't be too upset if we don't get him. Let Oklahoma have him. My favorite quote of the comments section was typed by JayCeph, discussing the potential match-made-in-Heaven between WW and Boomer Sooner:

Let Warren crawl down that hole. They were made for each other. Talent and character don't always go hand-in-hand. We can do without his talent since he can do without his character...

I get the feeling this saga is far from over, and whether the majority of Rock Chalk Nation wants him to come or not Self does and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Well, that and whether WW wants to come "slum" with us up in Lawrence instead of choosing a better program in Norman or Austin. Oh wait, who has won two national championships? Who reached the Elite Eight last year?

Oh yea, I forgot. WW wants PT, not Championships. Pfft, 18 year olds.