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Jayhawk Nation

I have been swamped and exhausted (yes, they go hand-in-hand) as of late and am behind. Here is a little link fest, plenty of noteworthy notes to notice. Alliterations are abound...and again. Wow, am I good or what?

Remember when I wrote so lovingly about J'Mison Morgan? I am liking this kid more and more, especially after this article on him over at KU Sports. It takes a ton of maturity as an 18 year old kid to be willing to pass the ball all day long, especially when you are fighting to get  a scholarship from a premier program. If we don't get Willie Warren, J is the next target on my list and appears to have his head on quite a bit straighter than WW does. Not only is he incredibly mature, his mother has him shooting to be the salutatorian of his class and says that will be his primary focus. I sure hope we get him.

Moving back to football, the Jayhawk blog Hawk Digest has taken a look at Mark Mangino and his history of success while at Kansas. He has made plenty of pretty charts and graphs too, make sure to check out all 3 parts. Mangino compared to other KU coaches, versus other Big 12 coaches and Mangino versus the world. Seriously. And no, not in a hot dog eating contest, despite the fact that it is a proven fact that he can eat other coaches. Honest.

Also over at Hawk Digest, he has a picture of Kansas' new football jersey. I actually like it better, although the numbers are a little, well let's just stick with "fruity". The Scout forum peoples agree with me, liking the Kansas above the numbers but agreeing regarding the numerals.

Did you know that nearly everything worth reading at ESPN they have tucked away as Insider material. Of course you do, but an example of this is their Blue Ribbon Preview. Surprisingly, looking at the free preview (how nice of them) of Texas A&M it looks in-depth and actually intelligent. Yet, lack of an Insider subscription limits the reader from actually viewing the content, and I am not so lucky to become an Insider. However, they do give us predicted standings, having us rank 5th in the Big 12 North ahead of only Iowa State and behind (shockingly) of Colorado. They also have a All Big 12 team, with two defensive Jayhawks appearing on the list. That would be Aquib Talib and James McClinton, the two leaders on this team that will take us to the promised land. You know, the Texas Bowl?

UPDATE: They appear to have made it accessable to everyone, at least for me they have. Hopefully it stays like that and I can read it, another season preview I can get around to analyzing (just like the Fox Sports version).

That is all for now, we will get back to regular content by Wednesday or Thursday.