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Friday Recruiting Update

To start things off, let's take a look at Willie Warren, the biggest conundrum in this year's draft. While showing a questionable attitude, he continues to impress on the court including yesterday at the Peach Jam. He was the high-scorer of the day, putting up 45 points including a couple of highlight-reel dunks over such big guys as Michael Dunigan, another Kansas recruit. Warren pulled up and hit 3's all day long, as well as hitting his free throws consistently. Both key traits to a team-leader and I maintain that I think he is good enough to lead a team to a National Championship. Now, whether I really want him to come to Kansas or not is yet to be decided, but his ability just might outweigh his off-court troubles.

Apparently, the darling of the 2009 class, Xavier Henry, is going to North Carolina for late night. Ugh. This isn't good news, but since his dad and mom both are Jayhawks I still have to figure we are first in line. Please? Hat tip goes to the Scout message board, which also provides a link to the story ($). There was an article in the New York Times this past week discussing the possibility of X's brother, C.J. who is an OFer in the Phillies organization, coming to Kansas along with his brother. C.J, decided to skip college and go straight to the minor leagues after being drafted in the first round a couple of years ago, but after never quite panning out is considering a return to his first love, basketball. It would be more than amazing to add both of them in our 2009 class, and the best part is in his contract it states that the Phillies would have to pay for his college, so he wouldn't even require a scholarship. Hopefully both X and C.J. are Jayhawks in 2009, that could make us the favorites to win it all.

That is all for now, Mark Mangino has been quiet for awhile on the football side of things. Hopefully he can pick up the pace again before fall practice opens, so he can focus on bigger names after the season ends.