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AOL Fanhouse BlogPoll: Kansas #4

Wow, another assessment of our Jayhawks. As is evertyhing else concerning college sports in July, the Fanhouse prematurely released their BlogPoll rankings and the Kansas Jayhawks, the ones missing Brandon Rush for awhile, at #4.

I think it is a more-than-fair assessment, North Carolina is clearly #1 talent-wise in the country with Memphis a close #2. And when you are making assessments in July, all you can really go off of is talent, there are no hot streaks, cold streaks, injuries (for the most part), etc. UCLA and us are equal in talent, but the fact that they beat us last year is a plenty good enough reason to come in at #3.

I will make a prediction though, only UCLA will perform up to expectations out of those 3. Memphis will likely be a #1 seed, before being upset in the 2nd round. North Carolina won't make the Final Four either, just a feeling I have.

Us on the other hand? Well, we'll get to that another day. You know, when we have a clearer picture. It is still July after all...