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Julian Wright: NBA Hopeful

Tonight, in slightly less than an hour, the NBA Draft Version 2007 will kick off. And once it does, likely having Gregory Oden's name said first quickly followed by Kevin Do-Rant's. Once the formality of the first two picks is out of the way, the Draft truly starts and Julian Wright seriously has a chance to be picked. While his name being called among the first ten names has become less and less likely over the past couple weeks, he remains a viable Lottery candidate.

I think that he will go at #10 to the Sacramento Kings, likely the highest he can reasonably be expected to be taken off the board. His Chicago connection could make him enticing to the Bulls at #9, but they took a similar player (if not better) in Tyrus Thomas last year with the 4th pick so it is unlikely they would draft Julian this year.

For live, updated coverage of the 07 Draft make sure and head on over to Blazers Edge, Golden State of Mind, Posting and Toasting (NY Knicks), Clips Nation and Indy Cornrows, all fellow SB Nation blogs. GSoM is my personal favorite, partly because of their resemblance to the Royals for their seemingly endless losing and their severe fandom, but also because of the tremendous writing done over there by 'Atma Brother #1'. Check it out.

I will try to watch the Draft, but I might not be able to get to a TV. I will be cheering for Julian to go to a winning team, but the earlier the better.



Julian Wright was just selected by the New Orleans Hornets with the 13th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. While there is no SB Nation Hornets blog, this one is certainly one to check out over the coming days to see updates on Julian. Congratulations to Julian, I was beginning to wonder if he would fall out of the Lottery but here he is, sneaking in at the second-to-last pick of the Lottery teaming up with Chris Paul to attempt to make the Playoffs. More on his fit, etc. tomorrow.