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Sunday Morning Quarterback: Blogging Legend

For those of you who don't frequent SMQ (first off, what are you waiting for?!?) you are missing out on some of the best writing out there. Being completely and fully devoted to the game of college football, he has already well on his way in his season previews. He has yet to be so lucky to profile the Kansas Jayhawks, but he has spent countless hours breaking down numerous Jayhawk opponents. Here they are for your reading enjoyment, must reads for those wanting to be prepared for the 4 month journey that is the Kansas College Football season.

Iowa State
Florida  International

I should be back later today to take a look at Wright's likely draft position/stock/whatevs. Draft is at 6 PM central time, meaning Julian will likely be drafted sometime around 7:00-7:30ish. That a good enough time frame for ya?