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BREAKING NEWS: Liggins is Going to Kentucky

This isn't the breaking news of the "good" variety. After publicly saying that the Jayhawks were ahead of the semi-hometown Illini, he turns around and one ups Kansas as well by choosing the Wildcats. A Sea of Blue has everything you need to know about the situation, every uninviting confirmation link making it more and more apparent that Liggy isn't coming to Lawrence.

For now, the key to the recruiting class is the tandem of Rotnei Clarke and Willie Warren, who have publicly stated that they are going to the same school. This narrows down the list to essentially Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Billy Gillespie is definately working the recruiting trail early on in his new job, including his signing of Liggy today to play in Lexington. While Rotnei is frome Oklahoma, likely the reason they remain a possibility, I have a feeling that it will come down between us and the Wildcats. Hopefully we can snag these two, Warren is a special, special player that could lead our team in the future. If we can pick up both of these recruits we can focus 100% on Greg Monroe on our way to the #1 recruit class in the nation.

Sorry for not posting too much lately, I have been busy. I will try and get the SE Louisiana preview started either today or tomorrow as we are moving ever closer to the start of football season (finally).