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Isn't June Too Early for Top 25s to Come Out?

Well, it has officially started. Someone, somewhere is starting to make polls. Not power rankings for Major League Baseball, they are stupid enough in-season, but for college freakin' basketball. Correct me if I am incorrect, but doesn't the season start in November? And you can't even practice until October, right?

So why, on June 23rd, are we making preseason polls. Why?

Yet I still read the article and am going to pass it on to you so you can be sucked in by 5 month premature rankings. That mean nothing anyways in college basketball, all that matters is your place at the 65 seat dinner table at the end of the season. And how hungry you are once you are seated.

Yet (x2) I am going to break down his Top 25 and provide my own. Because as much as bloggers such as myself criticize the MSM for making these thoughtless and effortless quick reads, we are just as guilty for reading them religiously and providing our own versions. How are ours more significant? I'm not sure, but it's kind of fun to construct lists.

(EDITED): Instead of going into depth this early, I will instead just list my Top 25.

The normal font will be his predictions, whereas the bolded font are the teams I think should be there. Neither is an exact science, so don't expect anything set in stone.

1. North Carolina North Carolina
2. Memphis Kansas
4. Kansas Memphis
5. Louisville Georgetown
6. Tennessee Louisville
7. Indiana Oregon
8. Michigan State Tennessee
9. Southern Cal Indiana
10. Georgetown Washington State
11. Kansas State (WHAT!?!?!?) Tayjas
12. Arizona Michigan State
13. Stanford Duke
14. Washington State Southern Cal
15. Marquette Pittsburgh
16. Duke Kansas State
17. Mississippi State Syracuse
18. NC State Stanford
19. Syracuse Florida
20. Tayjas Arizona
21. Connecticut Marquette
22. Oregon Ohio State
23. Pittsburgh Villanova
24. Alabama Texas A&M
25. Southern Illinois Southern Ilinois

I'm sure you have a Top 25 ready to be made too, leave yours in the comments after registering for a free account. It takes less than a minute and once it is made, you will be able to comment and diary your life away.