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Julian Wright Is Free Falllin

On draft boards across America that is, not literally.

While being described as a near-certain Lottery Pick and having a great chance at being selected in the Top 10 (look at my mock draft roundup) his lack of a polished shot is letting him fall into the low-to-mid teens. Draft Express' most recent mockery had him falling all the way to #16 and the Washington Wizards, much lower than originally anticipated. Other mock drafts also have him sliding into the teenagers, somewhere he undoubtedly felt impossible when he decided to go back on his promise and leave Lawrence all together.

LIsten, I love Julian. Always will. He was an exciting player to watch and all that jazz, but I think he has "bust" written all over him. I will cheer for him to be successful, sure, but I'm not expecting great things. Actually, not expecting much at all.

Brandon Rush on the other hand...