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Julian Wright Taken in SB Nation Mock Draft

While falling further than is expected in the real live version of the NBA selection of draftable players, Julian was finally selected by the Charlotte New Orleans Hornets with the 13th pick. Here is their reasoning for the wonderfully intelligent selection:

The hole left by Desmond Mason leaving for Free Agency is the Hornets top priority this off-season in my mind. While I would have rather traded down and picked up someone more experienced to help fill that hole, with Wright the Hornets get someone to compliment Peja Stojakovic and allows the coaching staff to focus more of their efforts on project players like Hilton Armstrong and Cedric Simmons.

Him and Chris Paul could be a special combo for years to come, but then again Julian could also make a quick exit from the NBA scene leaving a team wildly disappointed. The Suns traded up to #14 which I find significant for the fact that Julian could fit in well with the up-and-down playing Suns. He probably doesn't have a good enough outside shot, but he is definately athletic enough to run up and down the court and he could guard plenty of players, from point guards to some centers, well. Finally, they are looking to get younger and to cut costs with emerging players like Leonardo Barbosa demanding significant raises. This could cause Shawn Marion to find himself on a new team come Halloween and, granted not to at the same level (at least initially), Julian could replace him. Just conjecture, but it would also be nice to see Julian go to a winning team immediately.