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Football Notebook Analyzation

Ryan Woods is a very intelligent man. Plus he has inside connections with the Kansas Football team. So starting now, I am going to try and analyze his football notebooks here at Rock Chalk Talk. Starting with the one he released today.

Originally from San Antonio, Jason Hind is in good academic standing and is leaving junior college after just one year. He'll have three seasons of eligibility at KU.

With Hind coming over from the College of DuPage as just a sophomore Hind figures to enter into our offensive line competition from day one. You can never have too much depth in the trenches, this is very good news for the Jayhawks. We already have a solid offensive line but if Hind can just be injury insurance inside (at 6'4" 290 he projects as a guard) then it is a successful committment. Just a quick little prediction, I predict that Hind will be a regular starter in 2008. Feel free to remind me of it whether he does end up starting or not.

McPherson High standout Tanner Hawkinson gave an oral commitment to the Kansas coaching staff after participating in Saturday's camp.

Hawkinson, a 6-6, 230-pound tight end, had offers from Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech and Colorado State. But he always had KU high on his list and confirmed his interest Saturday.

"I have always grown up a fan of Kansas," Hawkinson told "I talked to my dad on the way up, and I wanted to do it face-to-face with the coaches."

I forgot to mention that we had signed a fourth recruit earlier on in the week, Daymond Patterson, a wide receiver from Mesquite, Texas. I will eventually take a deeper look at all of the recruits, but as mentioned in the Notebook we signed our 5th recruit yesterday. Mangino and Co. aren't messing around this year, last year at this time we only had 1 or 2 recruits signed. Even though none of them are impact players per se if we recruit enough of them some of them will become starters. Plus, with us getting a lot of quantity early on hopefully we go for quality later on in the recruting period. Anyways, back to current recruit...

Tanner Hawkinson, a lifelong Kansas fan by his own admission, is going to be a Jayhawk. He is, according to Rivals, our best recruit so far with an RR rating of 5.6 and ranked as the 29th best TE in the Class of 2008. Hopefully he can be the future replacement to Derek Fine, a TE is an important option to have in Mangino's offense.

As expected, all of KU's nonconference games in September will kick off at 6 p.m. at Memorial Stadium. They are not expected to be televised.

Apparently I didn't get the memo. The countdown to opening day is based off of a 12:00 gametime so I will have to adjust that. I am still disappointed that I won't be able to watch the games, hopefully something will change and at least the game against the Chippewas will be televised.

That's all Ryan Woods has (worthwile at least) so that's all I can analyze. I really didn't analyze as much as providing my own opinion, hopefully you weren't too disappointed with my lack of appropriate title. I am going to try and either start my Southeastern Louisiana preview or another short term project today and if not then tomorrow.