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Julian Wright Remains Undrafted

In the fictional sense that is.

 While the NBA Draft of real-life is still weeks away, the NBA writers here at SB Nation (along with a large handful of guest writers) are already well on their way in a mock draft. While I have told you numerous times Julian Wright wouldn't fall below #10, apparently I lied to you. After being passed on at #6 for Brandan Wright, #7 for Corey Brewer, #8 for Al Thornton and #9 for Spencer Hawes he seemed a lock to stay in the Top 10. However, the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs made a move up for the 10th pick to grab hometown boy Acie Law IV. I can't argue with Brandan Wright, Brewer or Thornton going ahead of our Wright, they are all more ready for the NBA (with a possible exception of Brandan) and arguably have more potential. Still, as raw as Julian is I think he is more ready for the pros than Hawes, a 7'0" center out of Washington in case you didn't know. Law will just be an average PG in my mind, but because he does play PG I expected him to go above or at least around Julian. While I'm less than confident that Julian won't be a bust, I'm even less confident regarding Hawes' future, which might or might not be so bright.

Just a little advertising for our boy, hopefully he goes higher in the one that matters. You know, the one on TV.