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Aquib Talib is a Wanted Man

I have heard a lot of things about Texas football and Kansas football and their relationship to each other. To the national MSM it is regarded as a mismatch, at least on paper goes the cliche, 99 times out of 100. And we've only played 8 times (scroll down). We didn't play each other last year and won't this year (some one please explain that to me) but still, a little Commandment-breakin' involves Texas and Kansas. No, we aren't talking about Robert Joseph who broke into not one but two cars in a span of 15 minutes, deciding just to sit in both of them instead of, you know, drive them. Apparently, he thought that by just sitting there he would rid any suspicion. Anyways, it appears that the Longhorns want Aquib Talib, the only player in our secondary who knows how to play. Here is what Peter Bean, in the upper echelon of sports bloggers everywhere and the peak of Big 12 blogging, had to say about Mr. Talib:

Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas The very fact that Ryan Palmer or Brandon Foster might start for Texas at cornerback qualifies this as an urgent and immediate team need. And it'd be tough to nab anyone better than Talib, who would be on more All-American radars if he played for a better team. The Jayhawks are reportedly tinkering with using him on offense in '07, too. Kid can burn.

Yes, he can burn. He will be burning for us, Peter, not you though so keep dreaming. I'm sorry, I just get excited when a Kansas player is wanted by Texas.

On to more serious matters, some pre-season Aquib Talib honors. First, he was named a preseason All-American by Playboy magazine, an issue he no doubt has at home. He only likes reading the interviews though, just like everyone else. Next up, he was put on the watch list for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy. The Bronk is awarded to the best defensive player at the end of the year, an award that was won by James Laurinaitis last season.

That is all for now, it still is June not a lot of preseason publications have been written yet much less released, but any time that Talib earns national recognition, it will be mentioned here at RCT.