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Sorry for not getting you your CMU defense preview today, I am swamped and should be able to finish it tomorrow. For now let's take a look at everything Jayhawk-related. Well, most of it is Jayhawk-related.

First things first, everyone should go and check out our new homepage for SB Nation, We already head a website, but it has recently been renovated and looks B-E-A-utiful now and well worth a check out. It highlights the tremendous writing that takes place across SBN as well as getting the message across that all of these blogs are united.

Next up, another thing I have neglected. The SB Nation Sports Report has continued to air every Tuesday despite my lack of mention, but tonight's is extra-special and worth checking in for. Mile High Report's own John Bena, also a Cavs fan (go figure), will appear on the show LIVE (!!) from the NBA Finals game in Cleveland between the Cavs and the Spurs. Here is the official plug:

Tonight, on The SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of the re-designed SB Nation:
Yes bloggers, our very own TheSportsGuru will be attending the NBA Finals tonight, working his shaman magic in a desperate hope that his beloved Cavs will friggin' show up and make a series out of this match-up with the San Antonio Spurs. We will call him live at the game and either get an excited update on how the Cavs are dominating the Spurs, or a drunken ramble about the poor state of the NBA's officiating. Joining BigBlueShoe in the studio, and filling in for TheSportsGuru, is Fooch, the head blogger at SB Nation's Niner's Nation.
Other than the obvious NBA Finals jibber-jabber, David Halprin from Blogging The Boys will drop in to talk NFL, the Cowboys, and why Jerry Jones' face seems to to expand with age. We'll also be talking about the MLB, Gary Sheffeld's love of Latinos, and Harold Reynolds' hiring at Plus, a girl can't win the Indy 500, but a girl did win the friggin' Belmont Stakes!

All tonight at 9pm Eastern, 6 Pacific, all at The SB Nation Sports Report. Tune in!

Ryan Woods over at KU Sports has another football notebook up, covering anything and everything going on in Kansas football. Of note is the fact that no non-conference games (as of yet) will be televised as well as the numbers given out to the incoming freshmen. All 18 are accounted for, always a good sign, which basically means that everyone is squared away and ready to go academically. Here are the numbers that have been handed out:

The uniform numbers issued to the newcomers are: Isiah Barfield (29), Carmon Boyd-Anderson (32), Dezmon Briscoe (80), Anthony Davis (30), Patrick Dorsey (92), Steven Foster (43), Chris Harris (16), Jeremiah Hatch (77), Stephen Hoge (14), Richard Johnson Jr. (97), Jake Laptad (91), Rell Lewis (6), Brian Murphy (31), Ryan Murphy (23), Jeff Spikes (74), Justin Springer (45), A.J. Steward (11) and Johnathan Wilson (81)

If you are interested in the NBA and/or where Julian Wright will end up going make sure and check out Indy Cornrows all week long as there will be a site-wide NBA Mock Draft taking place. Julian figures to go fairly early on, most likely at #6 to Milwaukee, #8 to Charlotte or #10 to Sacramento.

The wonderful folks over at Rivals have made a list of the toughest schedules, making lists both nationally and splitting it into conferences. In their Big 12 list we are, fairly unsurprisingly, listed at #12 out of 12. Our hardest non-conference opponent is Central Michigan at home and we avoid Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech and the two toughest North teams, Missouri and Nebraska, have to pay Lawrence a visit. This year will be the best of any to make a run at a very competitive bowl as well as the Big 12 North crown, hopefully we can take the necessary steps to get there.

I just found this searching around for Jayhawks news, wish I would have found it before yesterday, but in Rivals rundown of the Top 50 schools guess who showed up at #50? If you guessed Central Michigan, you were right. I will definitely use it as a major resource for my defensive preview of the Chippewas and is an excellent read to learn more about our first opponent.

That's all I have for now, look for my CMU defensive preview to come tomorrow.