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Brandon's Knee Surgery Successful

That's good news. Of course, he still has up to 6 months of grueling rehab so he isn't exactly out of the woods yet. He really is just breaking the tree line into the woods, he just went in the shorter woods than if he had an unsuccessful surgery.

Here is the mandatory "everything went perfect" quote from the coach of the player, in this case Bill Self:

"The (right ACL) surgery couldn't have gone any better; the doctors couldn't have been more pleased," Self said. "He's well on the road to recovery. Rehab will start immediately, not the most strenuous rehab."

Like one of the commenters over at KU Sports said, does the coach ever come out and say that the surgery went as bad as it possibly could go and it would be a miracle for him to ever play again. I mean, do you think all of the doctors in Lawrence were quoted as saying, "The season went as well as we could have hoped for. We couldn't be more pleased" after our Elite Eight loss to UCLA. I mean, this can't have been the best surgery of the year can it be? So the fact that Self and all other coaches give this senseless positive mumbo-jumbo is kind of annoying, while still encouraging to know that "everything went perfect."

Hopefully he won't miss any games, the first couple are always killers and we need that veteran presence.