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KU (22-26, 8-13) vs. Kansas State (29-17, 7-11)

There really is no need to hype this series so I'll just pass along the vital information.

Game #1 - Friday, 6:35PM, in Manhattan
Andy Marks (3-6, 6.15 ERA) vs. Brad Hutt (7-3, 3.23 ERA)  KU radio on AM-1320

Game #2 - Saturday, 3PM at Hoglund Ballpark
Nick Czyz (3-6, 4.21 ERA) vs. Trevor Hurley (1-2, 3.44 ERA) KU radio AM-1320, TV - Fox Sports Midwest (Channel 36 on Sunflower in Lawrence).

Game #3 - Sunday, 1PM at Hoglund Ballpark
Wally Marciel (4-2, 4.31 ERA) vs. Chase Bayuk (4-4, 4.40 ERA)

Complete KU stats here.
Complete K-State stats here.

The farmers haven't made the Big-12 tournament since 2002 and they come into this series with a pretty solid club.  You just know they will be pumped to take KU down and fight their way out of the basement.  Wins this weekend will not come cheap.  The Jayhawsk will also be up as they know that this is a make-or-break weekend for their season.  The bottom line is that KU probably needs to win at least two of the three or give up any hope for post-season play.  The weather is a bit iffy in terms of rain, but I am sure there will be big crowds at all the games.  Get yourself down to the ballpark.