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Julian Wright's Draft Stock

With Brandon coming back to school like we all knew he would (right...) the only Kansas player that even has a chance of being drafted is Julian Wright. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say yes, Julian will be taken sometime in the first round, most likely in the Top 10. I will update this every week or so to give you an idea of Julian's projected destination from as many outlets as I can find. I will link to the places as well as providing his pick # and team:

#10 -- Sacramento [NBA DRAFT.NET]

#8 -- Charlotte [HOOPS VIBE]

#6 -- Milwaukee [INSIDE HOOPS]

#8 -- Charlotte [DRAFT EXPRESS]

#12 -- Philadelphia [MYNBADRAFT.COM]

#8 -- Charlotte [ABOUT]

Player Comment: Wright is a very versatile big forward, particularly known for his vision. His teammates will appreciate him for the passes and boards.


#11 -- Atlanta [COMCAST]

What he brings
Versatility, defense, rebounding and the ability to score off the dribble. Wright can play four positions. Coming from Kansas, he is also used to sharing the ball. He'll learn how to share real quick playing alongside Smith, Johnson and Williams.

Needs to work on
Range. Wright looks uncomfortable outside of 16 feet, and if he is going to play significant minutes at the two or three, an outside shot is a must.

NBA Comparison: Luol Deng

#6 -- Milwaukee [FANTAPEDIA]

The Bucks need interior toughness, which would make Horford the ideal pick.  If he's not available this late, Wright could provide much needed versatility at the three.

#7 -- Minnesota [ARMCHAIR GM]

Julian Wright, SF, UNC, Junior, 6'8, 225

Are we sure that Kevin McHale didn't give this pick up in the Joe Smith debacle? Positive? Wright may have as much upside as any player in this draft not named Oden or Durant. Obviously, the bigger question for the Wolves is whether Kevin Garnett is ever going to be dealt while he still has some value. Knowing McHale, the Wolves are just going to continue on in their mediocrity until KG calls it a career.

#10 -- Sacramento [THE SPORTS FLOW]

The Kings are in a rebuilding mode and could use Wright's athletic talent and potential. He is very unselfish which will make Mike Bibby and Ron Artest happy. Wright has a lot of strengths and will bring a lot to this organization.

#7 -- Minnesota [HOOPS ADDICT]

The Wolves also need a player with a winning persona and frontcourt mate to ride shotgun with Kevin Garnett. Enter Julian Wright to the T-Wolves fold and welcome reliefs for do it all KG. Wright "got game" and gives bite to the Wolves opposite one of the games' best. Drafting Julian would be the "Wright" stuff for Minny.

#7 -- Minnesota [PH SPORTS]

The T-Wolves have major needs at center and swingman. This would probably be where I have Roy Hibbert going, but the center withdrew his name from draft consideration. Instead, they get Julian Wright, who has all the tools to succeed immediately. His inside/outside game is reminiscent of Luol Deng and he's probably a better defender at this point in their careers.

#13 -- New Orleans [FOX SPORTS]

The Hornets could use a wing and while Wright isn't a big-time shooter, he finds a way to score -- and also makes people better and can keep up with Chris Paul.

He has gone everywhere from 6th to Milwaukee all the way down to New Orleans at #13. I think he will go somewhere in between, probably at #10 to Sacramento. Here are the tallies so far after this first flurry of mock drafts.

#6 Milwaukee - 2 times
#7 Minnesota - 3 times
#8 Charlotte - 4 times
#10 Sacramento - 2 times
#11 Atlanta - 1 time
#12 Philadelphia - 1 time
#13 New Orleans - 1 time
14 total mock drafts

Next time I'll update the above 14 and try to find some new sites to get an even better feel on Julian's stock.