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Non-Conference Schedule Released

It was released about a week ago, but I was caught up in the Brandon Rush hoopla and didn't get a chance to mention it until now. However, the non-conference slate has been released for the 2007-2008 season. It is much harder than last year's, with home games against Arizona and DePaul and road trips to Boston College, Georgia Tech and Southern California. I had a whole post up earlier but it got erased so if you want to know more just read the story. Here are all of the opponents we will face, but keep in mind 3 more teams will be added through the Jayhawk Invitational that will culminate with the Kansas-Arizona game:

Louisiana-Monroe (18-14), Arizona (20-11), Florida Atlantic (16-15), USC (25-12), Eastern Washington (15-14), DePaul (20-14), Ohio (19-13), Georgia Tech (20-12), Miami of Ohio (18-15), Yale (14-13), Boston College (21-12) and Loyola (18-13).

There is no Florida on the schedule, but USC is a legitimate Final Four contender (yes, even with Timmy Floyd at the helm) and Georgia Tech is a up-and-coming team that will likely give us fits down in Atlanta. I am marking those two trips down as losses and while I think the home games against DePaul and Arizona will be victories, I think we will lose at least one other game in non-conference play. I will say we go 12-3 with losses to Georgia Tech, USC and Boston College (all on the road) with a scare at home against Miami (OH), who made the field of 65 last year and gave Oregon a run for their money.