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Yet Another "Preferred Walk-On" Signed...

This time San Antonio native Chase Buford, son of current San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford, is the "preferred" player. R.C. also used to be a Kansas University assistant coach, and given the fact that the 6'3" Buford didn't play last season due to a enlarged spleen (that would look good on a injury report, wouldn't it) and only averaged 9.3 points a game his junior season. While I'm all for bringing in some walk-ons, this reeks of family favor to R.C. Buford because of his Kansas connections.

I have never heard of Chase before and while he did receive walk-on interest from other basketball powerhouses Florida and Texas, don't expect an impact now or any time soon. I will, of course, give him a chance and I certainly will cheer him on as much as the rest of the team, just trying to provide a realistic approach to this less-than-thrilling news.

I also echo the sentiments felt by the KU Sports commenters, saying that it would be a shame if Bradley Witherspoon was kicked off the team for him. Brad actually had to work his way on the team through rigorous workouts (I mean, watch Knight School if you don't know what I'm talking about) while Brennan Bechard and Chase Buford have a spot on the team because of connections (Brennan's dad is the men's volleyball coach at KU). If he ends up actually making an impact sometime in his career, I will eat my words, but if he is just going to sit on the bench like Witherspoon did then you might as well keep a Kansas kid there. This also likely is the final nail in Rush's KU coffin to add another player.