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KU (27-22, 8-15) vs. Nebraska (27-22, 12-12)

KU (27-28, 8-15) vs. Nebraska (27-22, 12-12)

Today the Jayhawks open a three game series vs. Nebraska.  It would be hard to give this series too much weight.  These will be the last home games of the year for the Jayhawks.  With KU in 9th place, they need wins badly.  They must win at least one more game than Oklahoma, or two more than Baylor, in order to sneak into the tournament.

Big-12 Standings

  1. Oklahoma 9-15 (KU owns tiebreaker, hosting Texas Tech)
  2. Baylor 9-15 (Baylor owns tiebreaker, hosting Kansas State)
    - - - Line of Death - - -
  3. Kansas 8-15 (hosts Nebraska this weekend)
  4. Texas Tech 7-16 (owns tiebreaker over KU, at Oklahoma)
I do not see Oklahoma loosing more than one game to TTU, and if that happens KU will need to sweep the Cornhuskers.  Baylor, on the other hand, could be humbled by K-State.  The Wildcats are a team on a mission.  KSU is 10-13 in the conference, and not yet assured of a spot.  The farmers have missed the tournament so often that I am sure they will be playing inspired baseball this weekend vs. a weak Baylor squad to retain control over their own fate.

Bottom Line:
If KU sweeps, they are in with one OU loss, or two BU losses.
If KU takes two of three, they are in with two OU losses, or three BU losses.
If KU takes only one of three, they are in only if OU is swept by TTU.

Friday 7:00 - Andy Marks (5-6, 5.29 ERA) vs. Tony Watson (5-4, 3.63 ERA)
Saturday 6:00 - Nick Czyz (4-7, 4.12 ERA) vs. Johnny Dorn (8-2, 5.09 ERA)
Sunday 5:00 - Wally Marciel (5-2, 3.91 ERA) vs. Luke Wertz (3-0, 2.09 ERA)

Nebraska leads the all time series 135-91-1, but the teams have split their last eight meetings.  The most recent meeting was KU's win in the Big-12 Championship game last May 28th.  

The last time KU and NU played the Jayhawks came home with a trophy. (Photo courtesy of

Nebraska (#23 RPI) Complete Team Stats here.
KU (#131 RPI) Complete Team Stats here.

If you want to read up on the NU team in more depth, no better place than Corn Nation.  Corn Nation is a sister blog to RCT and has some of the best college baseball coverage in the nation.

Things to cheer for this weekend:

  • Friday - Andy Marks pitches a great game and evens his record at 6-6 with a win.
  • Saturday - The Jayhawks clinch a tournament birth with a win on Commencement Saturday.
  • Sunday - We cheer long and hard for our departing seniors, and then watch the Jayhawks put the finishing touches on a great late drive as they finish the regular season 30-28.