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Season Recap: #12 Brady Morningstar

Brady is the 4th player we've recapped so far and all of them are from Kansas originally. While these aren't exactly our key rotation players, it is still always nice to have hometown kids somewhere on your roster and Mr. Morningstar is no exception. Despite spending a year up in New Jersey Prep School (to fulfill his lifetime dream of setting foot in Phog Allen Fieldhouse as a Kansas Jayhawk basketball player) Brady is still a Lawrence boy at heart. He was actually High School rivals of fellow Lawrence native Brennan Bechard, and while they both went seperate ways for a year before meeting back up at Lawrence, they remain rivals to this day. In fact, the only two teammates who have NEVER spoken are these two, for their old High School allegiances are tried and true and non-negotiable.

Brady after demolishing Brennan in a game of one-on-one. He's all business, all the time.

I have always liked Brady. I honestly feel that he has a chance to be a backup guard for us and I don't mean the role he is in now. I am talking about the 1st or 2nd guard off of the bench, playing significant minutes with great defense and a decent shot...oh yea, and a dunk every once in awhile. Back to last season. Brady piled up 90 minutes of playing time spread out over 16 games played, a small amount. So while his minute advantage is sizable (90 to 26) over his High School rival, the games played is relatively similar meaning they played in the same games. Basically, not exactly. However, Brady's shockingly high 34 points has everything on Brennan's virtual black hole of scoring, meaning the score is squarely set at Brady 1 and Brennan 0. This rivalry is just way too much fun for me, I'm not really sure why. Showing off his long distance capabilities, Brady knocked down 4 three pointers out of just 9 taken, a very impressive 44% that could certainly be put to good use. He also had a tremendous 2:1 assist to turnover ratio, a statistic that has to stay high for me to continue to fight for his playing time. Especially when you are lacking athletic ability (at least compared to SC, Super and Russell) you can't afford to cost your team possessions and that might be the most important aspect of a backup point guard-to-be. On to the awards segment of the recap...

Game of the Year
There are a couple of games where he received double digit minutes and he produced. And while I just went on a fun little rant talking about the importance of assist:turnover ratio, his 5 points on a perfect 2-2 shooting (1-1 from behind the arc) in only 5 minutes against Colorado at home.

CHOKE! of the Year
His season high 14 minutes against Northern Arizona were a less-than-stellar entrance into Jayhawk fans' hearts. While he didn't shoot horribly, the jitters effected him and that is enough for me to jump on him.

Play of the Year
Easiest decision yet. No, seriously, I could have made this in my sleep. His 3 pointer against the Niagara Purple Eagles got us to 99 points and after a defensive stand, it happened. Brady Morningstar, a little 6'3" white kid from Lawrence DUNKED THE FREAKING BASKETBALL!!! I still can't believe it, even now, as it has permanently effected me. One of the loudest yells I let loose all year, I haven't been happier for a player in a long time. I really liked it, in case you haven't caught the drift yet. If you want to see it click here.

Blunder of the Year
I've got nothing. Not dunking more maybe? Because in case I haven't mentioned it yet, I really like that dunk...

Next Year's Role
Like I said earlier, I really think that he has a chance to play solid minutes for us. Because we are down a scholarship next year his chance to play solid minutes just might have to be next season. And you know what, I'll think he'll capitalize on it and play significant minutes and have a say in how far we go next season. Just remember, not as much as SC's weight ;).

NEXT UP: Jeremy Case