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Season Recap: #54 Matt Kleinmann

I just want to say "sorry". I had a big test th is week and had little time to devote to this blog. However, I should have plenty of time from here on out so look for more and more posts here at RCT. Let's keep these Season Recaps going by taking a look at everyone's favorite graduate from Blue Valley Northwest High School.

Who doesn't love a lil' Big Red?

"Big Red", as he's known around the Kansas campus, played in 17 games last season and a grueling career-high 74 minutes. He played nearly 2 entire games, scoring 15 points and grabbing 15 rebounds, all on the defensive side of the ball. You see, as a young child a controversial 'Basket Interference' call has jaded his offensive rebounding prowess, fearing another referee will job his team of a basket. Despite his 8U YMCA team still winning the controversial game by 12 points (14-2), they failed to set the league's scoring record of 201 points by totaling only 200. The fact that Matt's team is still second place in the record books haunts him to this day and that very haunting feeling has affected his rebounding on the offensive side of the ball. More seriously, he turned down a scholarship to the University of the Pacific to be an invited walk-on on the Jayhawks. This dedication will no doubt be rewarded sometime in the future, whether that be him reaching the coveted 100 minute plateau or being the go-to guy on a set play, Self is thinking of ways as I type this to reward this kind of "home state loyalty".

Game of the Year
This is a tough choice, should we go for the season-high point total (4 against Dartmouth) or the season-high rebound total (3 against Towson) where he also played a season-high 10 minutes and scored 2 points. Toughie....but I have to go with the rebounds. The key to any team is possessions and defense, no matter how good of a shooting team you are you will score depending on how many possessions you get. Therefore, the 3 possessions he effectively took away from the Towson Tigers wins out over the offensive output against Dartmouth.

Choke of the Year
I promise, sometime this category will be relevant. While Kleinmann isn't the beginning, we are fastly approaching players who are. I will give it to him for the Oral Roberts loss that while he wasn't the reason he lost, his 4 minutes of virtual nothingness (1 rebound and 2 turnovers) didn't help matters. My question is, why was he in the game?

Play of the Year
Easiest one yet. He somehow managed to get into two consecutive NCAA Tournament games, but in the second one in our defeat of everyone's favorite Wildcats he managed to get a place in the boxscore, playing ZERO minutes. A scorer will have to explain this to me, but don't they just round up to a minute if they appear at all. Did he enter with .5 seconds left? So many questions....

Blunder of the Year
See above. I'm starting to think that he checked in after the game allowing him to be the first Blue Valley Northwest-ite to appear in 2 consecutive NCAA Tournament games. Or maybe he paid off the guy.....Add another question to the one above for this famed scorer.

Next Year's Prediction
I think that, because of his loyalty shown to the state of Kansas in choosing to turn down a scholarship to play here, he will reach that coveted 100 minute barrier. I'll say 20 points, 20 rebounds (none offensive, remember ;) and a block.

Next up: Brady Morningstar