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Poll Answers

Here are the results to our most recent poll question, seeing how happy you are with the Jayhawks' Elite Eight loss to the UCLA Bruins:

 Are you happy with this season?
¤ Absurdly - this team WAY exceeded my expectations 4%  
¤ Very - an Elite Eight appearance is always great 34%  
¤ Fairly - no shame in losing in the Elite Eight but we could have gone furthur 34%  
¤ Ehhhh - the season was fun but the ending disappointing 14%  
¤ Not at all - it was a National Championship or bust for me, anything short = failure 8%  
¤ I'm pretending the season isn't over yet 3%  

Votes: 84 ::  Comments: 0

Most people are either "very" happy or "fairly" happy, with me falling into the "very" camp. Sure, we could have made it into the Final Four but we simply ran into a better team, no shame in that. There will be a new poll coming up soon, everyone should take the 5 seconds and vote.