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Cornish Rejects NFL

Jon Cornish doesn't believe in the American dream. You can't blame him either, he grew up in British Columbia (that's in Canada for the geographical illiterate) and thought of the CFL whenever the word "football" came up. So, before his senior season last year he was drafted in the 2nd Round of the CFL Draft by the Calgary Stampeders. He decided to return to Lawrence for another season, leading the team to a 6-6 record as I'm sure all of you know. He then took the 'normal' route to the NFL Draft, attending the NFL combine in late February and working out at Kansas' Pro Day. Still, he was undrafted and instead of signing a free agent contract with a slim-to-none chance at making the team, he chose to sign with those Stampeders and follow Ricky Williams to the CFL. His agent had this to say after the draft, keeping the glass half full:

"He had a contract drawn up in Calgary before the (NFL) draft," Craig Domann, Cornish's agent, said Sunday night. "Not too many people have a Plan B in place, and he did."

I think he made a good decision, his Canadian background aside. While he would have a slim chance of making an NFL team if he chose to sign a contract with a team, he is going to be a big part in the running game of Calgary this next season. Plus, that slim chance of making an NFL team involves making a trip next summer to NFL Europe and developing as a player, while in the CFL he can step right in and play after running for a school-record 1,457 yards last season.

The other Jayhawks with a possible pro career, defensive end Rodney Allen, wide receiver Brian Murph and defensive tackle Wayne Wilder, have not signed with an NFL team but Rodney Allen has received a couple of offers.