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Season Recap: #11 Brennan Bechard

As we continue our season recap of the 2006-2007 Men's Basketball season, let's take a look at the other member of the Kansas basketball team who seemed to get overlooked by Self in terms of PT. I mean, Bechard even has some connections (his dad is the head coach of the Men's Volleyball team) and he still found himself sitting next to Bradley, being a glorified practice dummy/cheerleader.

Brennan "I'm from Lawrence" Bechard(source)

While Bechard did have the privelege of receiving more PT than Bradley, the 26 minutes he received had little impact any particular games. Sure, if those 26 minutes of fame (1,560 seconds for thsoe of you checking) were crammed into one 40 minute game, it would have been impactful but when they are spread out over 12 games (which averages out to 2.2 a contest) it is hard to decide outcomes of games. Despite his lack of impactfulness on the court, he no doubt had a strong impact on the team and the nightly hot spot, being he grew up in Lawrence and is well acquainted with the area. He went to Lawrence High School, where he was a HS rival of our very own Brady Morninstar, but after receiving no major school offers decided to go to semi-nearby Barton Community College. After one year there of 8.9 minutes and 2.6 points a game we gave him a walk-on here at Kansas. Sure, he'll never lead the team in scoring but the experience he gives our starters by being the scout team's version of D.J. Augustin, Stefhon Hannah, JamesOn Curry or even Jarrius Jackson and emulating well. For all of t he extra PT he received over Bradley, he scored the same, measly 3 points and in one game, against the football school in our 92-39 rout of them. For all of his other remarkable statistical amazingnesses check out his ESPN page.

Game of the Year
I actually don't remember it, but his high point of the season was the 5 minutes of playing time (nearly 20% he received all season) he received in the aformentioned football school. That was also the game where he knocked down a trey, as well as being a team player and dishing out an assist.

Choke of the Year
Doesn't qualify for this, just like Bradley. Still, we'll give a collective 'choke' to his 2 missed free throws against the Niagara Purple Eagles in the NCAA Tournament. It was also the second most playing time he received (4 minutes) all season, so his lack of stat-stuffing was disappointing to say the least.

Play of the Year
You see, if you scored one basket all year, just one, what do you think you would remember? Yes, I am picking the 3 pointer he nailed against the Purple Eagles as his play of the year.

Blunder of the Year
Don't bug me. We all know that he is exempt from this award, so let's just skip it...

Finally, his role on next season's team. It will be eerily similar to this year's, seeing that nothing (besides Julian Wright) changed from last season's team. Expect more of the same stuff, 30 minutes with 5 points and 2 assists and one courtesy rebound.

All in all, our favorite Lawrence-ite had a season you would have to expect from the second-to-last guy off of the bench. Next up, we get to see yet another local product in Blue Valley Northwest High School alum Matt Kleinmann.