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An Extra Scholarship Perhaps?

A potential future Jayhawk, HS senior SG Alex Legion was released from his LOI at Michigan after the firing of one Tommy Amaker (who then landed at Harvard) and replacing him with John Beilein. He is alaready a hot commodity since being released yesterday, being actively pursued by Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and even Connecticut this late in the recruiting process. Remember, around this time is when we picked up a ever-so-valuable committment from DA, hopefully if it isn't Legion we will pick up a star player with the scholarship that could be left vacant if Brandon makes a decision to bolt for the NBA. However, his mom is denying any interest in both Connecticut and UCLA, leaving Kansas and Kentucky as the only main choices left with a possible move up to Massachusetts to follow his former coach. While Legion going to Harvard is a longshot right now, more and more kids are picking coaches and not institutions so it isn't as 'long' as you might think. Here is what his mom had to say:

"I've been quiet for four years, but Tim Green does not speak for my son, and I'm tired of him trying to make decisions for my son. Mr. Green wants my son to go to Connecticut or UCLA, but my son will go to neither institution."

The Mr. Green referred to in this passage is someone who Legion considers a "godfather...figure" and was a key player in getting him to sign on with Michigan in the first place.

Again, this is all depending on Brandon Rush and whether he goes pro or not. I, for one, would most definately rather have BRush back on this team, because he is more talented than Legion is and is a junior compared to an incoming freshman in Legion. However, there has also been rumors of one Brady Morningstar giving up his scholarship next season if it is for the better of the team. He went to a prep school after high school and I get the feeling he is 'well-off', but it is still an incredibly 'team-player' gesture (where is Buddy Bell when you need him, he would love this guy) that will be appreciated.


Update: Legion has now taken Kansas out of the equation, listing his 3 options as UCLA, Kentucky and Michigan. I just don't get the feeling that this is a UCLA kind of kid, and he already committed then uncommitted from Michigan so that would look pretty embarassing. I think Billy G will have himself a shooting guard once this whole thing settles itself out.