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Spring Football was a Snoozefest

The final score of the last game to be played on campus in nearly 5 months was 48-0 in favor of the Blue Squad. KU Sports, in dire need of things to talk about, are actually concerned with this game put on just for the fans that means very little to the development of the team. They can do this whenever they want under a 'Closed Practice' sign, but just because fans are allowed to come (8,200 people in fact) people treat it like a big deal that it isn't. Anyways, if you want some knowledge from the man who knows KU football, Ryan Woods, read some of his 'notebooks'.

Notebook #1
Notebook #2

The main objective of the game was to decide a QB for this upcoming season, but that question is no more decided than it was on Saturday with both Kerry Meier and Todd Reesing still very much in the running.

I will begin my basketball season recap soon, with nothing to talk about until mid-to-late August we'll be doing plenty of fun little mini-series that I will introduce sporadically.