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A Moment of Silence

I was debating whether or not to post anything on the absolutely horrific events that took place on the Virginia Tech campus this morning. This post isn't anything big, just sending you over to our Virginia Tech blog. The blog is on hiatus for the time being but SB Nation writers as a whole are coming together and posting some stuff because of today's tragedies. Our thoughts and prayers here at Rock Chalk Talk are with the entire Virginia Tech community in the coming days and weeks.

UPDATE: For those of you that haven't seen it over at Blacksburg Beacon, there is a great piece of poetry written by an alum (I'm assuming by his SN). Here it is:


I sit in shock, and feel waves of sadness as I listen to the news Of the tragedy that came today
To my school
I fight the tears and feel for the parents, friends and lovers
Of those lost today
At my school
I get angry at the news hounds trying to place blame and make sense
Out of the madness that happened
At my school

And I want to scream out "That's not my school!"
That's not the place of absolute beauty in a fall day
Of Hokiestone buildings, mountain settings, students and of course
Football, basketball and all the social events
That we remember so well

I will remember the loss, the hurt and pain, forever
I will hope for a memorial, different but hauntingly beautiful
Like the War Memorial
So we can remember those lost and wounded both physically and mentally

I will not forget to cherish the life we have to live
To hold my children dear in this world of no safe place
But I will not let this un-comprehensible disaster ruin what I hold on to


My school is a place of hope, acceptance, sharing and learning
My school is a place of honor, dignity, fairness and reward for hard work
My school is a place where `doing it right' is more important that `win at all costs'
My school is a place where we will remember our past,
And have high hopes for tomorrow
My school is a place to see the future in the faces and people that walk the campus

My school is Virginia Tech

And I am proud to say `THAT'S MY SCHOOL!'